Video and M&E storage infrastructure


A media-centric SAN appliance, the GenesisRX3 is built form the ground up to provide rock solid, high performance storage for smaller workgroups. Avoid the infrastructure hassle of multiple boxes, networking, storage with an all in one solution.


  • Built-in Enterprise File System
  • Real-time Initiator
  • Real-time Latency Enhancements


Whether your needs are for a small, in-house workgroup or a massive full-production studio, NAPC has the right solution for you. With our years of experience we can offer you the right Project Management tool that does what you need without breaking the bank.


NAPC will consult with you to provide an easy to understand and user-centric solution for applications like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, AVID, or any of the dozens and dozens of other creation apps. Our approach is to perform a thorough assessment of not just ‘speeds and feeds’, but the whole workflow- from the number of users to the applications used, to the sharing and editing workflow, always with an eye towards expandability and future-proofing your studio.

future proof your workgroup

Storage infrastructure must continue to evolve to service the increased demand on storage and file server technology, as business need better and more data and analytics.`  Relying on the solutions of the past can leave well-meaning businesses behind the curve while competitors gain advantage.

With an assortment of storage options ranging from all-in-one video SANS to multi host, global file system behemoths there’s a solution sure to help you meet your needs.

Now and in the future.

SAN and scaleable NAS

HyperFS is a unified storage file system that easily manages  shared SAN/Block and Scale-Out NAS/File data storage. From small to large, HyperFS can grow on the fly, increasing not only capacity but also performance. No tossing out the old as you grow, HyperFS is the proven scalable solution, up to 64Pb!

Use case: Smallish editing department is ready to take the next step in shared storage. But they want to be able to scale out without having to start from scratch. With NAPC and Genesis SAN, problem solved.