Manage Mac and Linux users seamlessly through Active Directory.

Active Directory is great for managing your company’s Windows users. But what about all of your Xinet users on Macs, UNIX and Linux? With Centrify, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can manage these non–Windows systems using the same familiar AD tools you use with your Windows machines. No need to learn a new interface, build out a farm of servers or have additional services running on your domain controllers. Centrify doesn’t modify your current AD schema. It simply extends AD’s fine-grained control to your non–Windows systems.

centrify_content_bgCentrify Direct Control

For Max OSX

Take the pain out of managing your Mac laptops, desktops and (now) mobile devices. Using Centrify, you can perform all tasks – authentication, permissions, policy, and restrictions – with Active Directory Users & Computers, Policy Manager and Sites & Services.

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That means you can skip the weeks of training and testing, ditch the Magic Triangle forever, and forget about maintaining separate infrastructures to manage policy.

For Linux & Unix

When you have privileged users with the ability to connect throughout your environment with little or no oversight, it can put you and your organization in a sticky situation, both legally and politically. The ideal solution is to centrally manage your users, groups and systems, so you can both maintain control and audit the results. Centrify DirectControl for Linux & Unix lets you do just that.

Even better, it comes in several flavors to meet the needs of your organization. And it’s built from the ground up to use your existing Active Directory domain.

Now with mobile support –
easily integrate iPads and iPhones!
Direct Control Demo

Talk to NAPC about how you can quickly and easily begin managing access to non-Windows systems and applications by using Centrify DirectControl

Get secure

With Centrify, it’s quick and easy to:

  • Lock out a Mac user, reset their password or delete them entirely
  • Lock/Restrict access to applications for specific users
  • Setup proxy servers based on computer
  • Disable access to the App Store for certain users
  • Configure wireless networks based on location or printers based on a role
  • Have some systems use network homes while others are local
  • Comply with regulatory requirements using Microsoft tools every auditor understands

Use Centrify to:

  • Apply policy using the same familiar Policy Manager you use for your Windows machines
  • Lock out accounts or restrict access
  • Apply network homes, mount shares and configure networks and proxies
  • Set up cronjobs by simply opening the Active Directory Users & Computers plugin and using the extensions to apply policy
  • Easily apply consistent look and feel settings to users across your homogenous platforms


Take the pain out of managing your end-users identities and web single sign-on (SSO) when using third party SaaS services or even your own enterprise web services. Centrify Identity Service provides all of the tools you need to easily manage your users, groups, permissions and policies across your entire domain for all of your daily user activity. Centrify even offers Identity Federation capability across disparate service providers and unfederated domains!

User Self-Service also means you spend far less time resetting user passwords and accounts. Users get the convenience of Single Sign-On (Web SSO) to all of the services they use on a daily basis and should they forget their password they can simply reset it themselves using multiple secure mechanisms!