Wave2 – THE Dynamic Digital Publishing Solution

Powerful and dynamic

Wave2  is an incredibly powerful tool for production and for automating the production process. Much more than the “Web to Print” model, Wave2 can dynamically generate content for print, desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You’re also covered with output for digital screens, video presentations, and online mailing. All in one elegant interface.

Truly Multi Channel production

Template tagging is consistent across media types, just like the user experience. Multiple media types can be built simultaneously from a single set of content. Wave2 can output a wide range of digital and print formats, including animations and video, across mobile, desktop and digital signage, plus a wide range of print formats.

Intuitive and user friendly

Wave2 integrates with Adobe technology and uses standard creative tools to build templates
(Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Web Designer, etc), unlike many other solutions that require proprietary editing tools for the production of templates. Your users can use the tools they know, and launch right into creating content for automation. Output formats also follow industry standards and can be edited in the same tools.

Highly Scalable

Highly scaleable. You can run Wave2 with unlimited templates and just a few users. Or have a few dozen users batch processing jobs, outputting print and interactive content to your hearts delight. Or this can be a production monster, with hundreds of users, multiple external clients, hugely powerful and flexible resizing of output.

Wave2  has proven it’s capabilities and performance in very large scale implementations.

Use case: An Agency has to produce hundreds of thousands of individualized pieces of collateral. Digital, Video, Web 2 Print, HTML5. Wave2 allowed them to generate massive output through Batch Processing with simple setup process.