Cloudinary provides a rock solid platform for image management in the cloud straight out of the box. Upload images of any size or quantity, either through a browser or using a rich API. Heck, there’s even a widget you can embed in any app to allow uploads.

Built in the cloud, assets can be stored across regions for performance and resiliency, and managed using the API built for just that task.

Search, tag, organize, restrict and grant access using the best of breed UI.


Cloudinary really shines when it comes to video management workflows. Easily upload video from browser or mobile, or use the API to pour videos in, Cloudinary will scale and enable as much input as you can give it. Just like for imagery, there’s a nifty widget you can embed in your app to allow easy access.

Also just as with imagery and documents, they’ll tag, store, recognize, and simplify the entire ingestion and search process. No need to build anything yourself, Cloudinary is ready to go.

But wait, theres more! Imagine being able to dynamically transcode videos, optimized for the exact platform the viewer is on. Either using an API or a URL, you can resize, crop, or enhance videos. With adaptive bitrate streaming, you can ensure that viewers will always get the perfect experience.


With AI automatically filling in identifying tags that help with creative processes like faces, objects, colors, content, size, and format, Cloudinary brings DAM to the next level. In addition to ingesting any metadata inside assets, the combination of auto tagging brings huge value without any additional labor.

Marketers can now find assets, filter down results with a click or 2 to the exact file, and transcode or convert them by themselves. No need to hunt down the right body, or throw a request over the wall to someone who can convert that PSD to a JPG, or generate an iPhone ready version of the file.

Powerful and flexible rights and access management makes sure the right people have access to the right assets, with the right permissions.

And of course, with the built in tools, any asset can be accessed from your CMS and embedded in a website (or pretty much anywhere else). Always the current, correct asset, always available.

Use case: Lifestyle Brand needs to automate image (and video!) processing- transcoding, adaptive bit-rate streaming, and on-the-fly image manipulations; every asset needs to be transmogrified into over a dozen formats. Cloudinary’s API allowed their CMS system to always be able to deliver the right asset from a single source of truth. Oh, and BTW, Marketing is able to find everything, anytime, in a Digital Library.