Workfront project management - a single source of truth.

Flexible enough to handle anything you can throw at it, from the simplest request to most complicated process.

Centralized Project management

Manage all projects, whether simple or complex, in one collaborative system.

2.5 hours per day (30% of the workday) is wasted searching for and gathering information.

With Workfront, all project information is at your fingertips. One source of truth to rule them all!

Project leaders spend up to 10 hours per week in meetings and 90% report that more than half that time is wasted.

Workfront replaces meetings with dashboards. On demand, real time feedback on status, slashing the need for meetings.


Manage Digital Work Processes

Bring product ideas, creative work, and content to market faster and more efficiently. Every time. Reliably.

With NAPC’s Best of Both Worlds integration with Xinet, we can tie these processes down to the individual user level in prooduction!



Review and Approve Digital Work

Provide fast, collaborative review and approval of digital work for quality and consistency.

47% of companies have more than 4 people involved in the review and approval process

Physical proofing has too many headaches, often coming down to the level of finding the right color marker for your annotations! Get online, streamlined processes with an audit trail.

Immediate gratification to you nudges out there.



Deliver Client-Facing Services

Deliver services to stakeholders and clients while maximizing resource utilization.

Do you struggle to meet client expectations and need a way to give them insight into project status without interrupting your day? Workfront allows you to set the level of visibility into your organization that you want, so they feel part of the team. Without hassling the team.

Only 23% of teams use a standard brief for all projects and only 36% of
organizations think that their client approval processes are working well.

Standards bring efficiency. Almost 50% of knowledge workers say a lack of standardized processes keep them from doing their actual work.




Automate the work processes that ensure regulatory, brand, legal, and corporate compliance, within a single solution.

78% of workers say that at least half of their content must undergo review to ensure compliance with regulatory or brand standards. Meanwhile, 40% say that all of their content must undergo review.

Workfront’s single source of truth and automated processes ensure both regulatory and brand compliance. It’s flexibility allows you to integrate your process, but adding a rigid structure, which we’ve found leads to a 5X increase in adherence to corporate processes/policies



Workfront napc creative process management

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