[dropcaps type=’square’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#6da9c3′ border_color=”]M[/dropcaps]aybe our employees were just born with an extra helpfulness gene. Or maybe they’ve simply absorbed our fanatical commitment to doing right by clients. Whatever the case, you always can count on us to go
 above and beyond when it comes to providing mission-critical support and resolving all of your technical issues. Learn More

Support Programs at a Glance

Tech Support Standard 24 X 7
Phone Support 12 X 5 24 X 7
Remote Support 12 X 5 24 X 7
System Audits Twice a year Twice a year
System Updates/Patches Included  Included
Web Ticket Access 24 X 7 24 X 7
Auto Escalation of Tickets Based on urgency Based on urgency
Site Visits Twice a year
Web Training Every 2 weeks Every 2 weeks