Xinet Studio NAPC

Xinet Studio- Big DAM, Small DAM price

Xinet Studio Details

 Rapid Ingestion: Save a file, the magic happens. Previews generated, text ingested, metadata applied.

 Instant Previews: Save a file, and immediately it’s available everywhere. 24/7/365.

●  Automatic File Relationships:  Need to know what docs an image or logo has appeared in? Xinet Studio tracks that, and more.

Configurable Meta Data: No limits on metadata fields or type, with one of the best bulk metadata editing interfaces out there!

Faceted/Full-Text Search: An incredibly fast and rich searching environment, with automatic text ingestion. Save the file, search the text.

Digital Rights Management: Xinet Studio pays for itself by avoiding one DRM miscue.

 Bulk Uploads: Drag and drop from finder or through a browser. Boom. With automatic metadata insertion, you’re done.

Case Study:

A 4 person hi end retouching studio needs a reliable (and fast!) product that also allows simple sharing of assets with their customers. Rapid turnaround means they lose precious time packaging up and releasing files. With Xinet Studio, they can send links to files (both for approval and for release) straight from their Mac.

Boom, Done.

The Backstory

Xinet has been the go-to solution for businesses that handle graphics and need efficient, server-centric workflows for 2 decades. Constantly growing and adding features, North Plains Xinet is on it’s 19th version. NAPC has been Xinet experts since the start, and have worked with North Plains over the years to find that happy medium between full features and ease of use, so smaller workgroups can get the benefits of this hugely powerful production tool. Xinet Studio is the end result.

Easy to administer yet incredibly rich in features, Xinet Studio is the solution for big needs and smaller budgets.