Xinet asset management systems. Proven technology for over 15 years.

Introducing Xinet Studio- the same rock solid platform perfected over time. Now there's a smaller, stripped down version that allows rapid adoption. The Xinet platform is the de facto standard for DAM systems among the world’s largest ad agencies. These companies rely on Xinet because it significantly streamlines the process of collecting, accessing, producing, distributing and archiving graphic media, saving time, money and headaches.

Big DAM Features, Small DAM Price

Meet Xinet Studio: enterprise digital asset management for small teams.

24/7 access via the Web

Anyfile. Anytime. Anywhere. Share files in real-time over a local network, or globally. With DRM built in, you can add limits to limitless possibility.

Customizable interface

Create a profit center by matching Xinet interfaces to any brand using our very own E6 for Xinet!


Full XMP compliance

Imports XMP metadata appended to any Adobe Creative Suite product.

Version Control

Automate version control, use plugins to append job info and provide a single source of truth for internal and external clients while maintaining previous and alternate versions for easy future promotion

Fast repurposing

Easily find the digital assets you need, discover assets you didn’t know you had and quickly push content across channels and to outside vendors

Subscription Pricing

No need to hit the CFO up for CapEx when you choose Xinet Studio. Subscription pricing means known costs, no surprises, and a much lower price point for entry.

Ease of use

Open, edit, search and create assets directly in the DAM from within your desktop and Adobe CC, without check-ins and check-outs for an automatic lift in creative adoption and file security

Is Xinet is right for you? We can help you decide.

Watch the Xinet Demo

Experience NAPC’s BrandControl suite of Xinet tools

Everything you need for a complete, customized DAM system, right out of the box. NAPC offers Xinet plug-ins to enhance your GUI, manage user access, strengthen security, distribute assets and report on usage.

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