Fix Your Graphic Foundation, your CFO will thank you

No one would spend money beautifying a house while the foundation crumbled. Yet time and again, we see something similar happen in the halls of top ad agencies, publishing companies and other printing-oriented businesses. Money gets spent on a facelift for the lobby… a fancy corporate brochure… a software upgrade. On everything except their “foundation” – their graphic production system. The irony is that such an investment could make or save these companies an enormous amount of money. And without a lot of effort.

Nothing is more important

Graphic production is at the heart of what you do. Doing it at less than peak efficiency costs you money every day. If you’re in the business of servicing others, it can cost you clients. With the right system in place, however, everything improves. Your staff spends less time printing, searching for files and repurposing images, and more time producing work. You eliminate freelancers. You develop profitable new services that you couldn’t before, like digital asset management. And that’s just the beginning.

An immediate impact on your bottom line

At NAPC, we had one client that invested $300,000 to do the pre-press for their advertising and catalogs in-house and saved $3 million in one year! Another saved hundreds of thousands on CDs and shipping alone by giving clients access to images over the web. Yet another – a magazine publisher – saved $1 million a year by doing their own ad storage and pickup. And stories like these are the rule, not the exception. The reason we’ve had such successes stems from a very simple philosophy. We believe that if a technology expenditure doesn’t make an immediate impact on your business – if it doesn’t give you a return on investment that wows the CFO right away – there’s no point in doing it. The solutions we offer deliver just that.

With us, it’s not all or nothing

With many competing solutions, you have to wait for a full-blown system to be implemented before you can save a dime or gain any time efficiencies. At NAPC, we don’t think you should have to wait. We can quickly get the infrastructure in place to implement the top few things you want to get done (with the flexibility to add on later).

Minimal disruption to your workflow

If your company is like most, you have a real fear (and rightfully so) that a new solution will wreak havoc on your workflow. With NAPC, you don’t have to worry. The Xinet solution we offer blends seamlessly with your environment. Your people work the way they always have (just more efficiently). And you don’t have to laboriously prepare work to conform to new processes, as with other systems. That’s why our implementations take weeks, not months, and require the least administrative time.

It’s about business, not technology

While we offer a technology product, this is NOT a technology decision. Our solutions affect much more fundamental aspects of your business – its efficiency, its time to market, its profitability. Talk to us today to learn all the ways we can help you.

By tending to your foundation now, you’ll not only earn the gratitude of your graphic production people, but your CFO as well. And you’ll have plenty of money left over to do any beautification you want!