In an age when most everything in business is done online, proofing is one of the few last processes to remain offline. Until now. With Workfront Proof, what’s done in digital stays in digital. Edits, comments and requests are all made within a digital proofing platform that allows team members to track, capture and be notified of changes. All in an easily searchable way.

ProofHQ (now Workfront Proof) has a clean UI that is easy-to-use, complete with robust text commenting, video, and web capture features. It presents them in a way that is appealing for even the most technophobic user, thus driving better and faster user adoption.

Carol Thomas-Knipes
LogicSource, Director of Digital Asset Management

Workfront Proof now integrates with Xinet!

We’re thrilled to announce Workfront Proof’s new Xinet connector! Now you can create, share and edit proofs all within the familiar Xinet interface.

No more downloading and uploading files…they’re now contained in one, easy-to-access central location. Which means, reviewing digital assets has never been more efficient! This new connector is endorsed by North Plains; the manufacturer of Xinet.


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