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Kenny Kirsch, CSO

  |   Superhero Stories
Able to Leap Tall Problems with a Single Solution

Victim: A major worldwide brand account in danger

Situation: Ad agency must assign photographers throughout the world enormous task with seemingly impossible deadline.

Solution: NAPC sends in Super Kenny and his sidekick, Sully.

NAPC received a called from an ad agency that needed a momentous task undertaken: a group of photographers who were scattered throughout 20 cities, in almost every continent of the world, had to create a global photo library for a major brand, in record time. Each photographer would be shooting thousands of photos over a 6-week period, beginning in less than two weeks.

Realizing the enormity of this critical project, Kenny – and his super sidekick, Sully – swooped in to rescue them with Xinet. They knew the undertaking was tremendous and every moment counted but no task is too large for the NAPC heroes.

Kenny and Sully first worked quickly to create the quickest and most efficient solution. Then they streamlined training into two days, teaching the agency how to set up this project, create uploaders and specific actions on the server, create a hierarchy on the server, make new volumes, naming conventions, tag the information correctly and administer names and passwords. Then Kenny and Sully worked together to pre-program uploaders and folders in order to make the process simple for each photographer.

The result? Photographers easily uploaded over 15,000 images instantly throughout the six-week period, and the agency immediately pulled selects from previews, organized into folders, with optimized workflow and productivity in one fell swoop.

The agency breathed a tremendous sigh of relief as their client enjoyed their highly organized library and newfound ability to make selections instantly via NAPC’s customized Xinet solution. Go Kenny and Sully!