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Scott Tully

Superhero Stories
Solutions Architect
Scott streamlines and saves the day!

Victim: Über-large corporation bogged down with stockpile of product images.

Situation: Hundreds of man-hours wasted on troubleshooting due to prior failed automated ingestion attempts.

Solution: Scott streamlines and saves the day!


Picture a large corporation whose sales are wholly dependent upon the timely delivery of their product images. Imagine, one out of five of those product images getting misfiled, misnamed or, worse, disappearing without a trace. With 800-1200 new images each day, this information is distressing, to say the least.

You can sense the tension, envision the wasted time and money and feel the frustration of those employees charged with the task of cataloging and creating immediate availability of these images.

That’s when Scott Tully hit-the-ground, listening! He immersed himself in the customer’s environment, gathering explanations and expectations. Pledging to purge the system and restore order, Scott responded with imaginative TWiST workflows featuring business logic and informative, empathetic messaging.

The “New Ingestion Workflow” eliminated flawed input materials, ensuring that product images will now be transformed into data-enriched assets, ready for immediate use. Single-handedly, Scott brought the client’s MIS, Dalim TWIST and Xinet WebNative Venture platforms together to form an integrated, image ingestion pipeline.

Outcome: 8-12 troubleshooting man-hours a day, eliminated! The previous 18% defect rate cut down to less than .1%! Throughput increased by 188%!

They said it couldn’t be done, but we knew differently; Scott always delivers!