NAPC has the products and know-how to meet your specialized production needs. At the same time, we can also ensure your enterprise functions seamlessly as a whole. From keeping your data safe to meeting ever-expanding storage needs to integrating all of your non-Windows machines into Active Directory, we’ve got you covered.

Enterprise Solutions at workgroup prices.

Now you can store it and afford it.

Forget about trade-offs. With RAID units boasting enterprise features costs approaching workgroup RAIDs, you can now get the price, performance, fault-tolerance and scalability you need. We work with enterprise-class SANs, SATA, Fibre-channel, SAS RAIDs and more.

WAN Acceleration

Time is money. WAN Acceleration speeds up your business by making network transfers faster – all without any additional investment in hardware. Need to quickly get files from, say, New York to Chicago? Or push large files around locally in a flash? WAN Acceleration software intelligently compresses your data to get it done.

Active Directory Management

Use Centrify to apply the same fine-grained rights and permissions control to your Linux, UNIX, Mac and iOS users that you do to your Windows users.

Data Recovery: We can help you navigate through the many issues involved with backup systems, providing expert advice on the merits and appropriateness of spinning disk versus tape media.

Archive/ Nearline systems

As with all our hardware components, we insist on the highest quality in the automated storage and retrieval systems we use for archiving, including fast read/write abilities.

DR/BC systems

We have expertise in building out robust off site Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity systems

As thought leaders, NAPC is on the cutting edge of ensuring your data is available anytime, anywhere. So when you're asked what the plan is for an electrical outtage, flood, fire, major earthquake, you'll have an answer. And so will your company.

Complete Staging and Testing

After a purchase, some integrators just have the manufacturer ship you a box. Not us. We build your system at our site, hot stage all your equipment, duplicate your sample workflows, and resolve any issues ahead of time. You get a fully integrated solution that’s ready for production upon delivery to your site.

New Technology Assessments

We aggressively test all new technologies on the market to see if they’re problem-free and provide you with significant advantages. Our approach is platform- and OS-agnostic. We recommend the best fit based on your needs, experience and resources.

Solutions that Save the Day

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