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Brand new, built from the ground up, E6 is the 6th generation of our flagship Xinet UI. The end result of 12 years of continuous refinement and improvement- this is what everyone has been waiting for. But don't take our word for it, read what our customers are saying:

“The single best metadata interface for Xinet in the world”

  • “It’s fast. really fast”
  • “Easy, incredibly intuitive use and navigation!”
  • “SuperMail - the ability to share links to files securely without training is a game changer”
  • “Fantastic uploader! Feedback and functionality rolled into one”
  • “The ability to change everything using just CSS is unbelievable!”
  • “Inpress Plugins just work! 100% compatible!”

Elegant E6™ Slick Xinet UI Creation

Create Beautiful company-branded interfaces for your asset library or your clients. With E6’s highly intuitive and customizable UI, you get exclusive features to enhance efficiency, including our best-in-class metadata uploader and the integrated Supermail2 Sharing client for easy image sharing.

More Features than you can imagine

With tons of new features and an advanced interface to manage them there is almost nothing that you can't do. From full-page background images, to animated GIF and Video support for design elements, to a fully CSS-tagged layout you can customize the interface to your heart's content. No more struggling with proprietary PHP tags or untagged HTML elements, it's entirely up to you how your site gets it's final look.

Plugins to end all plugins!

While still supporting nearly all standard Xinet plugins, E6 has a documented API that allows you to roll your own plugins if you like. In addition E6 offers some pretty awesome available plugins such as:

E6 SAML2 plugin for Xinet SSO!

Dynamic File Filtering plugin with name-based file matching

Watermark Plugin that let's you watermark all files with previews

Metadata Upload Plugin that's better than anything you've seen!

And more to come!