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Automation is what it’s all about today. With shrinking deadlines and pricing pressures, you need a creative production process that practically runs itself. That’s where DALiM comes in. As the emerging industry standard for paperless routing and color accurate viewing, DALiM’s server-based solutions ensure everyone is truly on the same page and working more efficiently than ever.

Get the fastest, most flexible system available today.

The time to automate is right now. We can have you up and running fast with ES and/or TWiST so you can:

  • Take metadata to the next level of automation
  • Virtualize your entire routing/proofing/approval process, from concept, creative, copy, traffic, layout, account, retouching and color to prepress and fulfillment
  • Stay on top of everything — including managing brands and users, controlling versions, calculating and tracking deadlines, allocating labor hours, setting project and document milestones, capturing project history and creating a complete audit trail
  • Synergize across disparate systems to optimize employee productivity

Two Powerful Solutions for Your Enterprise


Gives users real-time access to 100% color-managed, high-resolution files, which they can virtually proof and annotate with just a Web browser. There are no limits on file size, no limits on the number of concurrent users – no limits, period. Best of all, it’s workflow-ready in minutes, so you can bring teams together fast, automatically bringing each member in at the appropriate stage. With the Dialog Touch for iOS, they can even review, annotate and virtually proof on their iPads.


An award-winning workflow engine that fully automates prepress processes. Available in a stand-alone version or as an extension of ES, TWiST is used by many of the industry’s leading companies to quickly build a workflow of dynamic, event and data-driven tasks – preflighting, trapping, database connectivity, final output and much more. TWiST streamlines the creation of a wide variety of file types, supporting more native formats and production tools than any other solution.

Which one is right for you? We can help you decide.

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