With more and more of our enterprise infrastructure moving to SaaS-based web applications, managing and controlling user identity for the cloud is quickly becoming a nightmare. Single Sign-On (SSO) is something that many organizations took for granted until it came time for the big move. Now with the proliferation of these very attractive services we find ourselves struggling for a viable solution to Web SSO. We can help.


Single Sign-On (SSO) For SaaS and Web Services

Take the pain out of managing your end-users identities and web single sign-on (SSO) when using third party SaaS services or even your own enterprise web services. Centrify Identity Service provides all of the tools you need to easily manage your users, groups, permissions and policies across your entire domain for all of your daily user activity. Centrify even offers Identity Federation capability across disparate service providers and unfederated domains!

User Self-Service also means you spend far less time resetting user passwords and accounts. Users get the convenience of Single Sign-On (Web SSO) to all of the services they use on a daily basis and should they forget their password they can simply reset it themselves using multiple secure mechanisms!


Works with Mobile, BYOD, or COPE

For Mobile Devices, BYOD or COPE Whether your company provides COPE (corporate-owned personally-enabled) mobile devices or BYOD (bring your own device), Centrify Identity Service can help you manage, monitor, and administer those devices. With Centrify's Mobile Enrollment Self-Service and Centrify's Identity Platform, all users can not only enjoy Web SSO they can now enjoy Zero Sign-On!. Zero Sign-On allows end users to enjoy never having to type a password, while still maintaining secure web SSO to all of your precious resources, whether they reside inside your firewall or in the cloud. Even better, mobile devices can be used for multi-factor authentication. Simply turn on multi-factor authentication for either your Centrify Cloud instance, for specific networks, or even just individual applications. You're in control, so choose the right tool! Elegant 6 now offers a SAML plugin, so Xinet Single Sign-On (SSO) is now not only possible, it's simple and beautiful!

Context sensitive MFA

Everyone need to shrink their attack surface. NAPC can help with some of the smartest MFA out there. Do you want mobile devices to only be able to login remotely during working hours? Yet allow them to connect if they are on your WiFi or LAN at anytime? We can help you design and rollout robust, smart MFA to let you rest easy at night.

Adding a SAAS service for users every month?

Talk to us. WIth Centrify's Cloud offering, you can integrate that hot new SAAS offering with Active Directory in a few clicks of the mouse. Instant, seamless security. Auto provisioning too, so you can assign roles and access by the AD groups you already have setup!